Javascript Comments

Throughout all of our tutorials and articles, we use comments extensively in our code examples. Commenting lets us add descriptive text to our code so we can remember or tell others why we did what we did. There are a few ways to write comments in Javascript.

How to comment code

Below is an example of how to comment your code:

javascript Copy
// Anything written after a double slash is a commenting // It will be ignored by the Javascript parser, so it lets us add details to why we did what we did. // The below line is not commented, so will be parsed. let i = 1;

Another way to comment..

We can also use /* and */:

javascript Copy
/* This is a comment block Everything within this is a comment And can be safely ignored by Javascript */ let i = 1;

Why is commenting important?

When we write code, we know exactly why we are doing things, but upon looking at it again, it can be quite confusing why we did anything at all. Comments give context not only to us, but anyone else who picks up this code in the future. That let's everyone work better together, and means your code is much easier to understand.

Last Updated Sunday, 13 June 2021


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