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Javascript Reserved Keywords

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When writing code, a reserved keyword is one you can't use as the name of a variable or identifier. As of 2022, this is the full list of valid reserved keywords in Javascript.

All Javascript Reserved Keywords

The below list cannot be used as variable names, as they are reserved keywords. Most of them have current functionality in Javascript. Some do not, but they are words which may have some sort of functionality in the future. Avoid using these words in variable names.

  • await
  • break
  • case
  • catch
  • class
  • const
  • continue
  • debugger
  • default
  • delete
  • do
  • else
  • enum
  • export
  • extends
  • false
  • finally
  • for
  • function
  • if
  • import
  • in
  • instanceof
  • new
  • null
  • return
  • super
  • switch
  • this
  • throw
  • true
  • try
  • typeof
  • var
  • void
  • while
  • with
  • yield
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