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The mission I've always wanted Fjolt to have is the ability to give people the exact resources they need to master all it takes to build great technology products. One of the major reasons I feel this is so important is because I've watched individuals, including myself, have so many doors opened by having the tools to make something great.

As such, we have been putting together a guide which will hopefully help anyone to get a basic grasp of Javascript. It's still and probably always will be, a work in progress, but hopefully the content developed so far gives individuals of all levels more context around why things work the way they do in Javascript. As well, this guide will hopefully try to highlight why things work the way they do.

We have been working on creating some custom quizzes for this guide, which will let you test if you picked up everything as you progress through our guide, similar to what we've done in our CSS guide.

To access the guide, please click the link below. Any feedback is appreciated as we continue to refine the content and steps within it:

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